Remote Collaboration: How to collaborate if your team is remote?

Switchboard lets you collaborate in virtual canvases side-by-side with your remote team—and improve your focus. The best way to communicate during a virtual meeting depends on what’s happening in the meeting and who’s participating. Other tools to use in your virtual conference room include chat, a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming, and interactive sticky notes. Switchboard checks all those boxes by creating an interactive virtual space where your teams can work side-by-side for more effective collaboration, any time, on any project. In a physical meeting room, you have space to spread documents out on a table and pin sticky notes on a wall. Viewing multiple assets at once helps participants see the bigger picture and spot opportunities or inconsistencies.

What are five 5 techniques for effective collaboration in the context of a remote team working environment?

  • Align your team around a shared vision.
  • Communicate in the context of your projects.
  • Set expectations for communication.
  • Make the most of meetings.
  • Prioritize in-depth work.
  • Embracing remote work.

With RingCentral MVP, you can take your virtual meetings to the next level using screen-sharing or whiteboard features. You can easily share your ideas by creating freehand drawings, annotating images, and using sticky notes—all in real-time. There’s no excuse for not having your team on a task management tool. It keeps team members accountable, helps them stay organized, and allows for greater visibility into tasks and projects.

Make meetings more effective

It also has personalized automatic reminders, check-ins, & follow-ups for daily tasks. Users can collaborate on documents & track project updates & inventory. Plus, with its range of templates, teams can easily schedule meetings that best fits their agenda. Fleep is a web & mobile-based instant messaging app that allows teams to communicate & share files & information. It also has a lot of storage, integration options, & even a presence feature that showcases a team member’s activity. Friday allows users to keep track of their meetings, daily tasks, team statuses, & personal goals.

When working remotely it’s important that everyone is clear on their role, timelines, deliverables, and measures of success. Because it’s harder to pop over a desk and discuss, it’s easier for mistakes to happen. My tip is to create step by step processes that are easy to follow and frequent checks to ensure everyone is on the same page. This is all really concise and helps me to structure my catch up calls with the team by seeing a clear agenda.

How to improve productivity in the workplace

“When people are able to reference a document that shows the workflow channels, to have the work-back schedule, it gives them a very clear directive,” says Brochhausen. Instead, place your focus on building trust, committing to systems put in place and creating a culture where teammates support each other. Agiled also has HR management features to help you manage your team in a better and organized way. HR management comes with attendance, payroll, and leave management. Sharing is super simple with public links and direct user-to-user sharing for streamlined collaboration. Instead, you can preview them right on the UI itself, saving time that you could use productively elsewhere.

  • And make sure to update it regularly as well, as you adapt to changing circumstances of working remotely.
  • Slack is great for remote communication, but it’s a double-edged sword when it comes to information overload.
  • Successful remote working really depends on tools that are fully integrated into your team’s day-to-day processes.
  • GitLab is proudly a remote-first company and took full advantage of remote collaboration best practices long before the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s say your remote SaaS product team needs to collaborate on a project kickoff. With the right visual collaboration tools, you can all hash out the details on a virtual whiteboard, see what your team members are thinking in real time, and brainstorm and pitch ideas. This makes it more fun, exciting, and productive to work together toward a common goal.

Definition: What does remote work collaboration mean?

In the digital age, remote collaboration is an inevitable step to corporate success. It enables team members to work together remote collaboration from different locations. For this to succeed, the right remote access and targeted communication structures are crucial.

Best Remote Team Collaboration Practices

Cloud-based apps and software allow teams to collaborate instantaneously, regardless of their location. Because everything is stored remotely, distributed teams have access to the same information and files in real-time and never have to worry about version history. Files named “Marketing_Plan_FINAL_AB_V2.docx” are a relic of the past when your team can collaborate together in Google Docs. While managing different time zones presents physical and logistical challenges, communicating virtually presents a whole new set. With collaborative remote teams, you and your employees need access to the same tools, and therefore access to the same login information. Now more than ever, it’s unsafe to store sensitive information, such as passwords, in documents or spreadsheets on your computer where they can easily be stolen.